Canadian Black History

Honouring The Past

The Honourable Jean Agustine

Introduced the motion to have February proclaimed as Black History month. The first Black woman elected to Canada’s House of Commons 

Dudley Law

First Black Canadian Activist that co-founded the Black Action Defence Committee 

Violet King

The first Black female lawyer in Canada. An advocate for women rights in the workplace.

Charles Roache

Civil Rights lawyer and activist. He also co-founded the Black Action Defence Committee

Rosemary Brown

An ardent feminist, a socialist, and Canada’s first Black female member of a provincial legislature who battled for equality and human rights

Willie O’Ree

The first Black hockey player in the NHL

Anne Clare Cools

The first Black Canadian to be named to senate and the longest running senate. She also brought Canada’s first woman shelter to Toronto

Lieutenant Lincoln Alexander 

A Lawyer and the first Black member of parliament in the House of Commons 

Carrie Best

An author, a Civil rights activist and Founder of Clarion, The first newspaper company in Novia Scotia which was operated and published by Black Canadians

Charles "Lightfoot" Roman

A distinguished surgeon that was one of the first Black Canadians to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University, a soldier, author, researcher, and lecturer

William Hall

Was a soldier, a member of the Royal Navy and the first Black person to receive the Victoria Cross. He was awarded such prestige honour for securing the British garrison in Lucknow, India, while serving on HMS Shannon.
Inspiring The Future

Aubrey "Drake" Graham 

Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and entrepreneur. A prominent figure in the music industry.

Dr. Alexandra Bastiany 

The first Black female Interventional Cardiologist in Canada

Tefari Bailey 

Founder and CEO of Hutsy.

Dr. Eugenia Duodu Addy

A Chemist and CEO of Visions of Science Network for Learning

Andreas Robinson 

Founder and CEO of Infinitus  Academy and Limitless Media 

Dr. Emily Agard 

An Immunologist and Director of SciXchange

Alphonso Davies

Professional soccer player 

Amanda Parris

An award winning writer, producer and Tv/radio host

Michie Mee

The first female hip-hop artist in Canada and first Canadian Hip-hop artist to sign an American Record deal.

The Honourable Marci Ien

An Award winning broadcast journalist and the first Black woman to become the Liberal MP of the Toronto Centre Riding.

Canadian Black History