Dr. Alexandra Bastiany

Dr. Alexandra Bastiany

Monday, February 13, 2023

Dr. Alexandra Bastiany was born to Haitian parents that migrated to Quebec. They were very supportive parents that helped lay out the foundation for her success. 

Dr. Bastiany made history as the first Black woman to become an Interventional Cardiologist in Canada and is hoping that this recognition will inspire others who look like her to pursue their dreams and passions even if you’re the only Black person in the room just stay focus and true to yourself. 

Dr. Bastiany was born and raised in Montreal. The 34 year old graduated in 2020 after almost 15 years of schooling. She completed medical school at the University of Montreal and her fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at the University of Alberta fulfilling her childhood dreams. “I use to say as a kid, I want to be a doctor and now I am” said Dr. Alexandra Bastiany. Dr. Bastiany now works at Thunder Bay regional health Sciences Centre. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had also mentioned her during his statement on Black History Month, something she knew nothing about until she was informed by CityNews. She was very honoured by the mention.

The statement went like this, “Black Canadians and their communities have a long history of being trailblazers and change makers. Among them is Dr. Alexandra Bastiany, an advocate for diversity in medicine who recently became Canada’s first Black woman Interventional Cardiologist,” 

Dr. Bastiany added while she understands the importance of Black history, she believes it’s time to focus and invest in a future for Black people. History is very important, it’s good to know to go forward, but we should focus on what we can do to make the future of Black people in this country better.”

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