Recording Artist; Seko

Recording Artist; Seko

Thursday, March 2, 2023

When you first hear this Toronto artist you instantly get Biggie Smalls Vibe. 

Spice in the 6ix aims to showcase creatives from the GTA whose talent we think gets over looked or does not get enough shine as they should. This week’s creator, Seko, has been selected as one of our Top 6 Hidden Spices. This is an opportunity for our audience to become better acquainted with him through our brief Q&A interview. 

1. What’s your background and which part of Toronto did you grow up? 

I’m Kenyan I grew up in the Durham Region pretty much my whole life I did some moving when I was a kid but I call Durham my hometown and Toronto where I am from  

2. Who inspired you to start rapping? 

When I first saw Kris’s Kross it made me want to rap when I was a kid I would always just rap to myself and close friends and then when I was in grade 9 I got pushed into a cypher by my friends and been in it ever since 

3. The first time we heard your music we were like is that the biggie Smalls of Toronto? Do you get that comparison a lot? And how do you feel about it? 

I always got those comparisons as a kid so I grew up with it . It really is something that is a blessing  being compared to the Goat people seeing that in my style it makes me happy and motivated I definitely have something to prove so i see it all as a blessing 

4. If you had a chance to collaborate with 2 Canadian creative(recording artist, producer or videographer) who would that be?

Most definitely it would be Kaytranada I really want to work with him 

5. Where can fans go to connect with you and check out your music? @theofficalseko you can find me on IG there or @iamnotoseko on Twitter or @ayeseko on tiktok 

6. Is there any new spice that you’re working on right now that you’ll like to share exclusively with Spice In The 6ix Media? 

February 17Th Selah Riddim drops I got my EP Serengeti Don dropping and so much more thank you for having me 

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