Recording Artist; Mannie

Recording Artist; Mannie

Thursday, March 2, 2023

This next creative is a R&B singer from Toronto whose smooth voice and slight rustic sound will have you falling in  love with R&B.

Spice in the 6ix aims to showcase creatives from the GTA whose talent we think gets over looked or does not get enough shine as they should. This week’s creator, Mannie, has been selected as one of our Top 6 Hidden Spices. This is an opportunity for our audience to become better acquainted with him through our brief Q&A interview. 

1. What’s your background and which part of Toronto did you grow up? My Background is Ghanaian, and I didn’t grow up in Toronto but I grew up in Sauga.(Mississauga)

2. The Toronto music scene is saturated with rappers and very few R&B artists, How hard would you say it is as an R&B artist to make it in Toronto?

I think even though the music scene is saturated with rappers and few R&B singers, R&B singers don’t really get as much shine because there is less of a spotlight on us than there is on rapping. I think it just has to do with what the culture is focused on right now, and I think that’s rap, but I feel like R&B is slowly gaining momentum and coming back into the forefront. And we’re the ones who have to ride that wave and keep the momentum going.

3. Your music is straight spice! Who inspired you to start making music and what’s your music creation process like?

Thank you! I’ve been writing music ever since I was a kid and I’ve been inspired by so many artists, listening to the music my mom used to play when I was a kid. I also used to sing in church in the choir and praise team.

My creative process is pretty simple, I come up with melodies first, and then I put words to the best melodies I can find. Then I add embellishments and stuff to make it authentically Mannie.

4. Which Canadian Artist would you love to collaborate with one day?

There are two artists I’d really like to collaborate with are Drake and LOONY. Drake is a legend already so that’s obvious, but I really like the sound LOONY has and I think her voice is phenomenal. A biiiiiiig vibe.

5. Where can fans go to connect with you and check out your music?

Y’all can check me out on all socials, Instagram and Twitter at @thatsmannie,TikTok @manniemanniemannie and look me up on all DSP’s (Digital Streaming Platforms) under Mannie

6. Is there any new spice that you’re working on right now that you’ll like to share exclusively on Spice In The 6ix Media?

I’m definitely working on some spice, I’m always working on some spice! It’s suuuper top secret though, can’t share juuuust yet 😂 next time tho!

Hopefully we’ll be able to get him to share his top secret spice that he’s been working on in our in-person interview that’s coming soon. Mannie is a dope artist and shouldn't be slept on to check out his music. 

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