There’s a new app to find Black-owned businesses in Toronto

There’s a new app to find Black-owned businesses in Toronto

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Theres a lot of Black-owned businesses in Toronto that we don’t know about or can’t find well Global Black Alliance (GBA) just launched an app to solve that problem. The Global Black Alliance is a Toronto based Organization that seeks to connect the Black community on a global scale. They’re committed to advancing equity, growth, and opportunity not only for the Black community but for all marginalized groups.

The GBA has now released an app to help them accomplish their goals named Real Ones. Real Ones is a free app that you can carry around with you on your phone that shows Black-owned businesses by proximity. You can say it’s a GPS for Black owned businesses & allies. The app is available on both google and apple. 

Some of the features of the app are you can filter your search by the nearest kilometre or City. You can also filter for the type of company you're looking for: a side hustle, small to medium business, large company or global enterprise. Besides Black owned businesses you can also search for indigenous owned, ally owned, queer owned, non-profit or by a racialize person.

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